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Step 1: Understand
Step 2: Create
Step 3: Broadcast
Step 4: Measure

the 3rd step to success: broadcast

"to make widely known"

It just plain doesn't make sense to spend your money on branding and advertising if you are not going to get the word out, we know how to do it, and we can help you do it the right way.

Designing the branding and advertising is very important, but broadcasting is the process you need to use to deliver it to your prospective customer. We can help you communicate to your print audience, your web audience, your local audience, and do it in a way that doesn't break the bank.

We have many creative ideas for web and print outreach, depending on your needs and budget. Our experience with local and international publications, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, web press releases, paid and organic search, co-marketing, and affiliate programs can benefit your company in many ways.

For example, lots of people use Google Local to find businesses in their area, yet very few business owners know how to get listed.

Need to get people pounding the pavement for your business, handing out flyers and talking you up? We have great ideas to share and easy ways to recruit and incent helpers.

Another example, many internet press releases are free, provide valuable links to your website, and have wide-spread reach. New technologies like RSS deliver the press releases right to people's computers every day!

Did you know too, that many print publications have great cross-promotional online advertising opportunities? You can get twice the advertising, and reach more people this way.

We are confident that our promotional expertise can help you achieve the goals we set in the understand step, and maybe even more!


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