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Step 1: Understand
Step 2: Create
Step 3: Broadcast
Step 4: Measure

the 2nd step to success: create

"to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior"

The creative process of any branding or advertising program is an important step to its success. After our initial understanding of your project needs, we launch into the create step.

Industry research is really important to us; we take a look at advertising trends in your industry to see what is working, what isn't performing, and what the future holds. We don't like to do anything without a concern for the next step, planning ahead is key to a continued relationship with our clients.

With some help from you to identify who your top competitors in the area are, we take a look at what they are doing, their market share, and compare it to what's happening in the industry.

This delightful mix of local and industry-wide information, plus all of the great information you share with us, is our starting point to head down the creative path.

We develop several examples of concept ideas for your advertising, branding, or web piece and present them to you based on the timeline we established in the project plan.

We like to meet in person for this step in the creative process, but subsequent deliverables can be viewed online in our Client Portal. It really just depends on the amount of back and forth we have and the time we all have available to meet in person.

We integrate your feedback into the designs and come back for another review, and guess what? We keep coming back until you are happy with the results! How is that for satisfaction?

When your designs are final, we help you to plan the production of the pieces (for print), and if it is a web-based design, we produce it, and deliver it as agreed in our project plan.

We can help you with hosting too, if you need it. Our hosting partner,, has been steadfast in providing us with great service for and our clients for years.

The end result of the 2nd step to success, create, is:

  • Final designs for your advertising programs

  • A production and/or deployment plan, as applicable, for your selected medium (print, web, etc.)

  • Final deliverables as defined in the first step, understand


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