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wrap your brain around human 2 human design

The best thing about handing someone your business card is making a human connection, a personal interaction that can't be replaced by any other type of advertising. Handshakes, a smile, good conversation, are key factors in making a lasting impression.

What you leave behind when you make a connection with a great new customer, your card, a brochure, or any type of printed information, should reflect that same experience and lasting impression. The ads that you run in the local paper or print on your sponsor poster for the local football team should echo your integrity and the great services or products your company offers.

Now imagine if that same person went to your website to find information about you and/or your company. As we all know, the internet can be slightly intimidating for those of us that work hard for a living (and that work does not include typing email all day long). We take that into consideration every step of the way as we design your website, we remove the fear factor and build in the comfort of a handshake.

All of our design and writing is very customized to the company we are working for using our 4 steps to success, but regardless of their likes and dislikes, we work very hard to inject that human contact and inspiration into every job that we do.

Sure, you can hit your markets, sell to the channel not through the channel, and saturate your target sectors with B2C or B2B or ABC or XYZ campaigns. There's one thing we all seem to be missing, in all those B's and C's and X's and Z's--it's our customers and our partners, the people behind the marketing jargon and acronyms.

YUP, pretty much every market and channel has a REAL LIVE human being attached to it. That's why we like to think of ourselves as a true H2Htm (that'd be human 2 humantm, for those of us jargon-challenged folks!) full-service firm, and our customers agree.

After years of working in high-tech, fast-paced environments, we finally learned that we want to help good people, people like us, to be successful in business. We focus on small and medium sized business on the central coast and work hard to bring you the most affordable and complete marketing packages that will help grow your business.

Using our human 2 humantm approach through each of our 4 steps to success ensures that we will achieve our desired end result--HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

Contact us today to learn how our human 2 humantm approach will change your marketing strategy forever.


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