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Step 1: Understand
Step 2: Create
Step 3: Broadcast
Step 4: Measure

the 4th step to success: measure

"to ascertain the measurements of"

After we have a good broadcast plan in place, we need to track how successful each of the different outreach opportunities perform.

This tracking is extremely important to you, because you need to know if the advertising that you are spending money on is resulting in new leads and customers. With the right metrics we can hone in on successful programs, continue to improve them, and drop the ones that aren't performing for you.

Many business owners that we have worked with continue to do the same thing, year after year, not really knowing what kind of return they are seeing from their investment. Knowledge is power, and we make sure that you have what you need to succeed.

When you send out direct mail, did you know that by sending a group of ads, rather than a single ad, you can better identify how the different promotions perform and what type of customer is redeeming the promotion? This results in measurements that guide you to your next promotion and help make it more successful.

Also, if you are doing an email campaign, which is monumentally less expensive than print, you can do the same thing. You can even put promotions on your website and do testing to see which ads are driving more traffic.

Just by mixing up the call-to-action in any marketing campaign, you can begin to get a better feel for who your customers really are, and ultimately use those trends, over time, to grow your business.

We have lots of creative and affordable ideas to help you organize and track your advertising efforts.


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